Past Masters

A chronology of the Past Masters of

Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682

Elizabethtown, PA

1915-16 Richard H. Lawry W. M.

Brother Lawry was the first Worshipful Master to serve Lodge No. 682 in Elizabethtown and must receive recognition for his efforts. The first Stated Meeting was September 20, 1915 and in December the annual election was held and all existing officers were reelected to serve for the first full year of Elizabethtown Lodge No. 682. On September 20, 1915, a dispensation was granted authorizing this Lodge to pass to the chair Brother John Earl Buch. A second dispensation was granted for passing to the chair Brother N. Franklin Heckler on November 15, 1915.

1917 John M. Shookers W. M.

49 members 14 initiated total 63.   This was the first year that the July and August meetings were omitted. The Grand Master delivered an address relative to excessive banqueting and a War Relief to which he pledged $2.00 per Pennsylvania Mason. The Worshipful Master procured a suitable medal to be presented those joining the army and also to exempt members from dues while in the war. The Grand Master pledged the support of all Pennsylvania Freemasons to the President of the United States and his declaration of war against Germany.

1918 Irvin A. Shiffer W. M.

63 members 8 initiated total 71.    Brother Thaddeus G. Helm, D.D.G.M. addressed the Lodge, advising the officers to improve the work. (First notice of this type.) Brother N. Franklin Heckler, Supt. of the M.H. extended an invitation to the Lodge for divine services at the Homes on Sunday, April 28th. The R.W.G.M. issued an edict that anyone born in a country at war with the U.S. must prove their naturalization or citizenship of the U.S.

1919 Walter B. Wealand W. M.

Grand Lodge requested donations toward the erection of a Washington Memorial at Mt. Vernon, Va. Lodge No. 682 was to find a fitting name to appropriately honor their Lodge and its founders.

1920 Nathan N. Greiner W. M.

83 members 10 initiated 93 total.  The Lodge established a building fund, which was to be 50% of all fees received as of April 19, 1920. The trustees were instructed to place insurance on furniture in cash value of $1200.00 and the premium to be paid at once. New cushions were to be purchased as of 6/21/20. The lease of the Abele Building was renewed at an increased rent by motion on 12/20/20. The first annual banquet was held in November 1920.

1921 Norman G. Good W. M.

91 members, 6 initiated, 1 admitted,   98 total.   An edict by the Grand Master prohibited membership in the Eastern Star or any kindred organization by any Pennsylvania Mason … Any PA Mason holding such membership was ordered to withdraw immediately. A dispensation was granted for passing to the John W. Zarfoss and Harry S. Beates. The Lodge assisted in the laying of the cornerstone on July 4 of the W. Harry Brown Home for Boys at the Masonic Homes.

1922 Ralph E. Schaffer W. M.

The Grand Master ordered all Masons to sever relationship with the Order of the Star. The White Shrine of Jerusalem and the Amaranth, etc. or be subject to trial and possibly expelled from PA Freemasonry if found guilty. Bro. Andrew H. Hershey, P.M. Lodge No. 43 in Lancaster addressed the Lodge the Lancaster County Freemasons Memorial to be erected at the Masonic Homes. The practice of dining the auditors privately was ordered to cease by the R.W.G.M.

1923 Oscar G. Flory W. M.

It was moved at Jan meeting that the trustees purchase a bookcase for the Lodge. A Dispensation was read from D.D.G.M. Thaddeus G. Helm to authorize passing to the chair Bro. Orlo Edward Proctor. The picture of the proposed George Washington Masonic Memorial Temple was to be so placed that all who enter the Lodge could see it. Lodge met according to Eastern Standard time with approval of the Grand Lodge.

1924 Charles G. Flory W. M.

A dispensation was granted by the D.D.G.M. to pass to the chair Bro. Ira R. Herr. The Memorial Fund for Lancaster County received a check from Lodge # 682 in the amount of $4956.43. An apron from Lodge #115 was framed and hung in the Lodge Room.

1925 Arthur C. Hampton W.M.

A committee was assigned to search for a proper or- fitting name for Lodge #682. There were many possible suggestions or proposals. A special meeting was held November 20, 1925 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the constitution by attending a banquet after the closing of the Lodge. A second special meeting was held Dec. 5 to attend the laying of the cornerstone of the John S. Sell Memorial Chapel at the Masonic Homes.

1926 John N. Good W. M.

John Good was employed by the Homes in charge of water. There are many springs and wells on the property and John inspected each one walking the rounds daily to insure clean and ample water for the residents of the Homes. Permission was granted by the R. W. G. M. for Lodges to meet on Daylight Saving Time in localities observing the practice. The formal acceptance of the name “Abraham C. Treichler” was approved for the Lodge.

1927 J. Vyrle Binkley W. M.

A war memorial was erected in the Memorial Grove at the Masonic Homes in memory of those members of the fraternity who made the supreme sacrifice during World War I, and was dedicated by the R.W.G.M. on Friday, Nov. 11, 1927. All members of Lodge #682 were encouraged to attend. A dispensation was granted by the R.W.G.M. for all brethren to be passed to the chair immediately upon the completion of the Master Masons degree Oct. 1, 1927. This was due to a conflict with the entrance requirements to the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. Passed 24 Brethren to the chair in 1927. A dispensation was granted by D.D.G.M. Bro. Thaddeus E. Helm authorizing the Lodge to pass to the chair Bro. John E. Wise 11/21/27 D. Paul Witmer, Harry H. Keeny, Samuel H. Imboden, A. Cleveland Sheaffer, Riley Z. Sanders, Howard D. Gibble, Abram S. Brubaker, Hiram H. Nissley, J. Vernon Good, Charles K. Nauman, Alfred A. Abele and Paul R. Abele. 12/19/27 Charles W. Gainer, Julius E. Bdlser, John A. Balmer, Clarence E. B John A. Kaylor, Harry B. Lenhart, David B. Flory, Reuben G. Gross, Frank S. Miller, Earl M. Miller and George Schuch.

1928 Ambrose S. Plummer W. M.

Ambrose Plummer put much of the meaning of Masonry into his activities in the building of Elizabethtown. He served as Post Master among his other activities. As per edict of the R. W. G. M. the following Brethren were passed to the Chair 1-16-28. Warren G. Hain, Charles B. Dierolf, Leo Kob, Christian E. Balmer, Elwood B. Barr, Edgar R. Ebersole, Jacob R. Grube, Harry Gruber, George W. Hacker, Harrison B. Keller, Abram C. McLanachan, Chester A. Engle, 2/20 Edgar R. Herr, Herbert C. Lewis, Franklin T. Muth, Andrew F. Ricker-3/19 Albert L. Arnold, Wilson E. Wambaugh, James J. Zarfoss-4/16 Angstadt B. Ream, Frank R. Breneman-6/18 Earl C. Williamson also received his Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees this date re a special dispensation. to Paul E. Burkholder – W. Wesley Treichler, and Bertram L. Ream on 9/17/28 – 10/15/28 John M. Miller-Samuel F. Withers, Warren W. Miller 11/19/28

1929 D. Paul Witmer W. M.

D. Paul Witmer was truly a builder. He is credited with being the builder of much of Hershey Park. The Patton School for Boys was opened opposite the Masonic Homes grounds and received first enrollments. Word of the Chair to Clarence F. Fisher on 2/18/29′ – Samuel G. Sershey, Harvey A. Lutz, Tillman H. Ebersole 5/20/29 – A notice from the R. W. G. M. was read rescinding the Oct. 1927 edict allowing the passing to the chair without special dispensation of the R. W. G. M. Word of Chair 6/17/29 as per Oct 1927-Christian M. Myers, Paul M. Ricker, John M. Berber, John S. Spickler, Herman S. Risser, Joseph W. Shenk, Abram R. Gish. These were the last wholesale passing to the chair Brethren.

1930 Harry H. Keeny W. M.

The secretary of the Lodge Henry I. Horst passed away and his wife donated leather cases for the secretary’s books and other equipment. Richard H. Lawry was appointed acting secretary to fill the station. The December election filled the position with John M. Shookers. Brother Keeny was duly elected W. M. at the December stated meeting in 1929 and passed away Jan. 10, 1920 before serving the Lodge as W. M.

1931 Samuel H. Imboden W. M.

Grand Lodge celebrated 200 years of Freemasonry in PA. Meetings still held in Heisey Bldg. Bainbridge & Market Sts. Rent was $67.50 for 3 months-gas bill was .50 for one month-postage was .50 and Lodge notices were $5.00. Cigars cost $2.70 a box. Brother John M. Shookers was elected delegate to the 200 year celebration of Pa. Freemasonry by the Grand Lodge. Lodge #682 joined with Mt. Joy #551 and Manheim Lodge #587 for a bicentennial celebration on Oct. 21 at the Masonic Homes.

1932 A. Cleveland Sheaffer W. M.

The Washington Memorial at Mt. Vernon, Va. was dedicated on May 12. Lancaster County Lodges held Washington Memorial Services in Lancaster Boys High School on June 15 of which Abraham C. Treichler shared in the celebration and the expense.

1933 Riley Z. Sanders W. M.

A great teacher of the Second Degree. He brought the tenets of this degree to life. Past Masters Night observed Oct. 16th with P.M. sitting all the chairs for the Degree Work.

1934 J. Vernon Good W. M.

J Vernon, the son of a Past Master, was the driving force in his time that brought out the best work in all the officers. He was a master of the ritualistic work and a stickler for detail and perfection. The R. W. G. M. issued an edict this year that no Lodge may meet or permit a subordinate Lodge to meet in the same building as the Masonic Lodge meets, including the Eastern Star. He also mandated a uniform system for all secretaries and treasurers to follow in handling funds and Lodge records.

1935 Charles K. Nauman W. M.

This was the year that the R. W. G. M. issued an edict concerning the Lodge notice and that it was not permitted to include non-Masonic announcements or separate slips on or cards carrying notice of events not purely Masonic. The 20th Anniversary Banquet was observed on November 12 at Christ Lutheran Church in Elizabethtown.

1936 Angstadt B. Ream W. M.

Angstadt B. Ream was one of the best ritualists of our Lodge. His knowledge went beyond the teaching of the degrees. The Grand Lodge celebrated the Sesqui-Centennial Anniversary of the independence of the Grand Lodge on Sept. 2nd. An edict was made by the R. W. G. M. that visitors to a Masonic Lodge must show a paid up dues card before being admitted as a non-member.

1937 John M. Miller W. M.

In January the R. W. G. M. issued an edict forbidding any lottery, gambling, or gift enterprise devised to raise money directly or indirectly for any Masonic Lodge or Hall Association.  It was arranged to hold a celebration in observance of the 150th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States in October. Speakers were P.M. Rev. C. G. Letherman of Brownstone Lodge #666 and Brother Chester C. Hollingsworth of our Lodge.

1938 Clarence S. Fisher W. M.

Clarence Fisher’s main interest in the ritual was the second degree. He made this work come alive in all who were fortunate enough to study under him. He was also concerned with the funds of the Lodge and securing a good first mortgage for the money in the Lodge Permanent Fund. Money which had been invested at 2 1/201 was now invested at 5-06.

1939 James J. Zarfoss W. M.

Entered 7, Deceased 3, Total members 143.   D.D.G.M. Benjamin B. Herr visited the Lodge at October meeting. Lodge room and carpet was cleaned and new curtains installed in July. Average attendance for year was 37. Annual Banquet was held in social room of Christ Ev. Lutheran Church in Oct. Total refreshment cost for the year $66.35.

1940 Warren W. Miller W. M.

Warren Miller worked in the Engineering Department of the Homes, and proudly showed this aspect of Masonic Charity to all who visited. Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1940 was the 25th Anniversary Banquet of A. C. Treichler Lodge #682. Remarks by Brother William H. Brehm, R. W. G. M. were presented and the speaker was Bro. Richard A. Kean, R. W. J. G. Warden. A vocal duet was song by Bro. Tillman H. Ebersole and Bro. Angstadt B. Ream.

1941 John C. Schuldt W. M.

John Schuldt lived and worked at the Masonic Homes and with his constant contacts as representative to the Grand Lodge, kept the Lodge Officers abreast of the activities of Grand Lodge. The Grand Lodge directed a military and naval service fund established for World War II. The Lodge sponsored Floyd Doolittle in the Patton School for Boys and agreed to supply tools, clothing, etc. through interested members. The Lodge was paid an informal visit by the R. W. G. M. William H. Brehm.

1942 Howard H. Zarfoss W. M.

The ceremony for the presentation of the flag was established by Grand Lodge and recommended to become a part of the regular business of the Lodges. The R. W. G. M. issued an edict to affirm Masonry support of the President of the United States in his declaration of war with Germany and Japan. It was also spelled out re the case of Lodge records and what to do in case of an air raid during a session of the Lodge and the specific procedures.

1943 Roy C. Heilman W. M.

After his year as Worshipful Master, served the Lodge for many years as Treasurer. The R. W. G. M. expressed that Lodges consider the advisability of not calling off from labor during July and August to enable action on petitions for those entering the service. A special meeting of Lodge No. 682 was held on May 13, 1943 in the form of a District Meeting of Lodges in the First District. The R. W. G. M. and officers of the Grand Lodge unofficially visited and were received with the customary honors.

1944 Clyde M. Farver W. M.

The R. W. G. M. Scott Leiby removed the words “Free Born” from the Rules and Regulations governing the admission to our fraternity. It is hoped this will correct a serious injustice which has existed for years. The Lodge sponsored Bro. John R. Ebersole and his wife Lucy for admission to the Masonic Homes.

1945 Elwood C. Boyer W. M.

The proposed changes in the by-laws of the Lodge were revised and amended raising initiation fee and life membership fees. The Grand Lodge removed the edict made in 1942 requiring proof of citizenship to become a member of a Lodge now that the war was over. R. W. G. M. was Scott Leiby.

1946 Franklin S. Spickler W.M.

The by-laws as amended were rejected. The Grand Lodge approved the edict permitting Pa. Bro. who joined Lodges away from home while in the military of W.W.II be permitted to attend Pa. Lodges and so affiliate without pre-approval. A committee was appointed to explore the buying of property in regards to building a lodge. (A. Cleveland Sheaffer, J. Lester Meckley, Harry L. Barnhart and Nelson W. Wambaugh.) The annual dues remained at $8.00.

1947 Bertram L. Ream W. M.

The Annual Banquet was held in April and the speaker was Bro. Rev. E. Martin Grove. The Lodge continued to prosper and grow. The annual audit showed continued growth and development.

1948 William K. Moore W. M.

The committee on by-laws proposed revisions, which – were subsequently approved. Of significant interest was the raising of the annual dues to $10.00, which was not a minimal figure.

1949 Robert M. Rice W. M.

The Lodge continued to search for more agreeable and accessible Lodge quarters. The Trustees proposed an increase in fire insurance from $1500.00 to $2500 annually.

1950 Karl S. Fritz W. M.

A great teacher, not only of men seeking Masonic light, but of the young men he taught at the Thomas Ranken Patton Masonic School for Boys. The Grand Lodge instituted the practice of distributing the booklets of Masonic Instruction to candidates for the various degrees after approval of the Lodge.

1951 Russell Miller W. M.

One who strived for perfection in his Masonic world A son and a father of Masons. He performed all three degrees on his son Frank, the degree being conferred in the Washington National Memorial Lodge in Arlington, VA, Feb. 26, 1966.

1952 Richard C. Flory W. M.

In the continued absence of Bro. John M. Shookers, Secretary, the W. M. appointed J. Vernon Good as acting secretary. The Lodge sponsored the admission to the Masonic Homes of Grace D. Wick, wife of Bro. William R. Wick. The Lodge was commended for assisting Liberty Lodge #505 admit a member to the Masonic Homes.

1953 Amos E. Landis W. M.

As orchardist at the Masonic Homes he extolled to all visitors to the, orchards the virtues of the Masonic Homes. The R. W. G. M. issued an edict easing the regulations or physical handicap for admission to the Lodge as regards to someone’s eyesight, subject to the approval of the D. D. G. M. The Lodge voted to purchase a new coffee urn and a metal safe with the combined cost not to exceed $125.00.

1954 John E. W. Douglas W. M.

John’s great contribution to Masonry was his care and devotion to the young men of DeMolay. The Grand Lodge announced the publication of “The Pennsylvania Freemason” by the Grand Lodge.

1955 Russell S. Trimmer W. M.

The 40th Anniversary of A. C. Treichler Lodge No. 682. The steep stairways at the Market and Bainbridge Building used for Lodge restricted attendance of all elderly especially Masonic Homes residents and stimulated discussion re building a new Lodge room, or using the proposed new Masonic Homes Temple. A table Lodge was held at the Annual Banquet with Bro. Ralph M. Lehr, R. W. G. M. responding to the first toast, Bro. Charles H. Nitsche, R. W. D. G. M. the second, and Bro. Arthur E. Myers, Superintendent of the Masonic Homes the third. An orchestra composed of members of Brownstone Lodge #666 provided dinner music. Each member received a box of candy to take home to his wife. This was known as “Hush Mamma.”

1956 N. Carvel Rothrock W. M.

Worked at Post Office in the Elizabethtown community and fostered harmony and good communication between the Lodge and town.

1957 Arthur G. Spickler W. M.

School teacher in the public schools of the community for many years and supported education in the Lodge with his Masonic brothers as well as in the community.

1958 Willard E. Landis, W. M.

The last meeting of the Lodge at Bainbridge street building was held April 21, 1958. The dedication ceremony for the new Masonic Temple was held on April 26, 1958. Abraham C. Treichler Lodge #682 held their first meeting in the new building on May 19, 1958. Brother Willard had the honor of conferring a degree (3rd) on his grandfather Simon B. Landis.

1959 Otto H. Ferrari, W. M.

Simon B. Landis, age 83 petitioned the Lodge and was approved. He is believed to be the oldest petitioner for A. C. Treichler Lodge. October 3, the front piece for the Lodge notice was approved by the Grand Master.

1960 Samuel R. Jones W. M.

The Grand Lodge proposed the “Pennsylvania Plan” which was to pay $1.00 per member to the George Washington Memorial. Our Lodge was cited for reaching its quota of contributions to the Endowment Fund. The Sept meeting of DeMolay sponsored by A. C. Treichler Lodge No. 682. The resolution was held over for a vote and adopted on October 17, 1960.

1961 Harold L. Noaker W. M.

The November meeting was honored by the presence of D.D.G.M. Arthur A. Harkman and he addressed the Lodge. The Grand Lodge outlined the classification of a Masonic month for conferring degrees and spelled out all points and times.

1962 James A. Stutzman W. M.

Introduced Ladies Night as a now officially sanctioned part of the Lodge program. The Grand Lodge issued a decision directing that Pennsylvania Masons may attend meetings of Rainbow for Girls or Job’s Daughters, but Masons may not become members thereof. Bro. Stutzman held the first Ladies Night for the Lodge on Saturday, June 2, 1962 at the Chalet Ballroom and Restaurant in Dillsburg, Pa. This Dinner Dance Party was set at a cost of $3.00 per person.

1963 Donald R. Fink W. M.

In March the Elizabethtown DeMolay Chapter exemplified the Initiatory Degree following the Lodge meeting. The R. W. P. G. M. Bro. Max F. Balcom visited the Lodge and was received with customary honors. Past Masters Night was observed in November.

1964 Ralph R. Hunt W. M.

The Lodge was affected by the closing of Olmstead Air Force Base. 11 new members admitted including one transfer. 8 Masonic burials were held but not all members of our Lodge. Emphasis placed on the importance of harmony among the brethren.

1965 Clyde M. Miller W. M.

50th Anniversary of A. C. Treichler Lodge was celebrated and a commemorative program was held with an anniversary program produced listing all-members and the year they were admitted. J. W. David M. Eller, Sec. Russell S. Trimmer and Treasurer Roy C. Heilman, trustees were J. Carlton Schuldt, Howard H. Zarfoss and Angstadt B. Ream.

1966 Charles H. Zerphey W. M.

In February 2 bus loads of brethren traveled to George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Va., and conferred an Entered Apprentice Masonic Degree on Frank S. Miller. The speaker for this occasion was Conrad Hahn, P. G. M. from Connecticut who was serving as Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association. In May we had a panel discussion in Lodge with Angstadt B. Ream, P. M., John Bolich, P. M. and William Carpenter, Grand Lodge Librarian. We also established the Commencement Award at Elizabethtown Area High School from the Lodge that June.

1967 David M. Eller, W. M.

Theme “The Year of Light”   Three goals established.  Increase attendance and promote fellowship. Enable each member to obtain a greater knowledge of the teachings of Freemasonry. That each member receive recognition for his labors in the Lodge.  Each meeting was preceded by a dinner. A Ladies Night was held as was the Annual Banquet.

1968 Jonathan M. Smith, Jr. W. M.

His father was a member of the Lodge, and it was arranged that his father be given the word of the order to see his son installed. The Grand Master requested a 5×7 glossy print of the interior and exterior of the Lodge be sent to his office. Past Master’s night was observed in November with P. M.’s filling all the chairs.

1969 N. Stanley Ginder W. M.

The second year for John K. Young as R. W. Grand Master was the year when changes began. There were changes in the Oath and Obligation and a reduction in the ancient penalties. The Banquet speaker was Lt. Col. Walter H. Flint, Assistant to the Apollo Program Director at NASA, who showed slides and spoke about the first men to set foot on the moon.

1970 John F. McCall W. M.

The Lodge held a fellowship night in March under the supervision of William K. Moore, P. M. It was on motion resolved to request the Grand Lodge to have a secret ballot on the resolution concerning open territory among Lodges in Pa. The Annual Banquet was held on November 18 and a table Lodge was observed.

1971 Charles E. James W.M.

The Elizabethtown DeMolay Chapter exemplified a Degree after the close of April meeting. Bro. David R. Hoover, D.D. of the 34th Masonic District was speaker for our 56th Anniversary Banquet. Bro. James was job relocated during his year and felt the support of the P. M.’s and Lodge Sec. Brother Russell S. Trimmer was outstanding for which he is extremely grateful.

1972 Lloyd A. Rider W. M.

At January Stated Meeting a First Degree was conferred by Archibald Norman, age 95, a resident of the Masonic Homes. The Feb. meeting R. Emmert Aldinger PM, conferred a 3rd Degree on his son, Ralph, Jr. He thus conferred all 3 degrees. District Deputy Allen J. Hicks presented 50 year pins to Binkley, P. M. Roy Fernwald and Ambrose Plummer, P. M. He also accepted a check for $6000 for a treatment room in the new addition to the Masonic Homes Hospital. Strawberry night in June was attended by 116 members and 125 guests.

1973 Earl H. Bradley W. M.

The Lodge purchased new aprons and collars for the officers. The Feb. stated meeting was preceded by a Pork and Sauerkraut dinner. Bro. Angstadt B. Ream was appointed to collect the history of the Lodge. Strawberry night was observed in June. The amended bylaws were read to the members at the December meeting.

1974 Robert E. Raffensperger W. M.

Brother Richard A. Rudisill, D.D.G.M. visited the Lodge and addressed the brethren-at the February meeting. Past Masters Night was observed-in November and Bro. Carl G. Johnson, P.M. delivered an excellent address. Dec. meeting was honored by Bro. Donald S. Moudy, Principal of the 60th District School of Instruction as the speaker.

1975 Robert L. Fackler W. M.

Slides of all Past Masters were prepared and used to honor Past Masters on their P. M. night. Ladies Night held at the Lodge and a Masonic Homes Night was held. Received 22 petitions, entered 16, passed 14, raised 14, 3 deceased, passed to chair 2. Robert L. Fackler also served the Lodge as Treasurer from 1976 to 1996.

1976 R. Emmert Aldinger W. M.

The year’s programs centered on the Bicentennial. An electronic organ was installed as a gift by Clifford Montgomery, a Masonic Homes Resident. Pictures of “Washington at Prayer” and “Washington Crossing the Delaware” were painted and presented to the Lodge by Brother Russell Bartholomew. A stag night was held in with entertainment and fried oysters. A Table Lodge was held in July and attended by approximately 200 brethren.

1977 John R. Lawson W. M.

Brother Archibald Norman was honored on his 100th birthday with a $100 dollar bill. He also did a long first degree within the Lodge. Brother Lawson also credits his year with Wilbur E. (Bud) Weaver entering the chairs and starting an illustrious career plus also entering, passing, and raising Bro. Joseph E. Murphy, his friend, neighbor, who later became the Executive Director of the Masonic Homes.

1978 Theodore W. Saylor W. M.

He labored under the stress of a serious illness that killed him while still a young man. He displayed a determination and desire to continue his year in spite of this and his courage was an inspiration for all to observe.

1979 Mahlon L. Ressel W. M.

Marvin G. Speicher new D.D.G.M. Ladies Night in March over 400 in attendance. June meeting Archibald Norman age 102 1/2 a resident of Masonic Homes conferred entered apprentice degree. All chairs filled by residents of the Homes. Range of ages 71 to 83. Attendance 283 brethren.

1980 Richard H. Thomas Jr., W. M.

Grand Lodge returned a decision that a Lodge may accept petitions from persons residing in the same or contiguous counties. A Saturday afternoon extra meeting was held to confer third degrees with the Lodge called off from labor after 3 degrees to have “Lobster Tail Dinner” and then return to labor to confer the last degree. First annual picnic held on July 4th. Started telephone call system to get important message to all members. Banquet speaker was R.W.G.S.W. – Bill Carpenter.

1981 Kenneth G. Walborn W. M.

The members and their ladies traveled to Wellsboro, Pa. were they were hosted by the Wellsboro Lodge and their ladies. A side trip to the Grand Canyon of Pa. and the Corning Glass Works were highlights. The Wellsboro Hotel provided an historic place to spend the night.

1982 Wilbur E. Weaver W. M.

Masonic birthday anniversaries were observed each month. Programs were presented by leaders of the various Masonic bodies. May 1st, the members and their ladies traveled to the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, Va. While the ladies had a special program the brethren observed R. Emmert Aldinger, P.M. confer a Master Mason Degree on Dr. Paul R. Galutia of the Masonic Homes staff. A July picnic in Memorial Grove was held. Brother Arthur J. Kurtz, R. W. Jr. Grand Warden was the speaker for the Annual Banquet in November.

1983 W. Larry Borrell W. M.

Theme “Freemasonry and the Family.”   In April a moratorium was declared on all physical requirements for membership in Freemasonry. The following activities were held. Ladies night in March at Elizabethtown College, family bus trip to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore in June. Family picnic in July, Family night in September with Job’s Daughters. Masonic Homes Residents and Family entertained in Deike Auditorium during Lodge meeting, with all entertained by “Re-Creation” following the afterward.

1984 Richard W. George W. M.

The Grand Lodge under William A. Carpenter changed the requirements for membership that had previously restricted handicapped persons. The Lodge honored Brother Howard Zarfoss, P.M. for his perfect attendance at all stated meetings for the past 50 years. The Lodge donated $1000 to Elizabethtown Pre Teen Baseball League and $1000 to Elizabethtown Boys Club.

1985 Robert R. George W. M.

The Lodge membership increased by 20 brothers. In June there was a trip to Longwood Gardens and a dinner at Longwood Inn. The 4th of July picnic,. was held. The R. W. G. M. William A. Carpenter visited in September and Bro. John B. Shank presented a program on Hypnosis following our Annual Banquet in November.

1986 Walter J. Foltz W. M.

First Annual Golf outing was held. The revised by-laws were adopted. Lodge # 682 was honored to represent all the subordinate Lodges at the laying of the datestone for the re-dedication of the Grand Lodge Hall at the Masonic Homes. A bulletin board was installed to honor John M. Bolich, P.M. for his many years of service to the Lodge and the 60th Masonic District. The Masonic Homes Museum was established and many members donated their time and talents plus artifacts.

1987 Richard W. Wolf W. M.

Theme “Our Masonic Neighbors”   Each month we visited a Lodge from one of the states surrounding Pennsylvania and the next month their representatives visited our Lodge and spoke on the differences in Freemasonry in their state as compared to Pennsylvania. Delaware so honored us with P.M.W.G.M. 82-82 H. “Jack” Littleton as their speaker. A Ladies Night was held at the Country Table Restaurant. The Annual Banquet was held in November with Stewart M. L. Pollard, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association as the speaker. States covered: MD, NJ, NY, VA, DE, OH and Washington D.C. Signs erected at the entrance to the Borough denoted the time/day and place of meeting of the Masonic Lodge. They were presented in memory of our deceased Chaplain Richard McCurdy by his family. Lt. Gen. Robert Springer, a former student at the Patton  School, was made a Mason at Sight by R.W.G.M. Carl W. Stenberg, and subsequently became a member of our Lodge.

1988 Noble P. Johnson W. M.

Theme “Continue Good Harmony of the Fraternity.”   An outer door was constructed for the Lodge room in the Temple to conform to official standards. At the same time book shelves with glass doors were added to provide space for a library and a librarian was appointed, Harry Barnhart. An Educational Assistance Fund was established as part of the PA Youth Foundation Endowment Fund. $1000.00 was contributed by the Lodge as the initial payment. Thomas W. Jackson, R. W. Grand Secretary was the speaker for the 73rd Annual Banquet.

1989 Walter J. Foltz, P.M., W. M.

To help fill a vacancy in the chairs, Brother Foltz became only the second member to serve more than one term as Worshipful Master. The Lodge purchased a personal computer for the use of the Secretary and officers. A Lodge Library was established under the supervision of Harry L. Barnhart. Bro. Daniel Mader was honored for chairing the Committee on Masonic Education for the past 18 years. Bro. John Bolich retired as Chairman of the Masonic Education Committee for the 60th Masonic District after 22 years and was replaced by Bro. Richard W. Wolf. Fifty Year Pins were presented to Bro. Samuel C. Force and Bro. Phillip P. Metzger.

1990 Thomas R. Labagh W. M.

Theme: Celebrating Our 75th Anniversary.   The Lodge Notice was modified to fit a standard business envelope and to provide space for Masonic education as well as other information, including a monthly message from the Worshipful Master. A Table Lodge was held for the first time in 14 years. Edward Lindler, Worshipful Director of Youth for the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania addressed the brethren concerning “The Origin of Prince Hall Freemasonry.” In April the members joined together to hold a Pancake Breakfast, raising over $9000.00 to benefit Nichole Good, the 12-year-old daughter of Brother Leslie Good, who had been crippled in an automobile accident. Dr. William K. Moore, P.M. and Bro. Robert M. Rice received Fifty Year Masonic Service Emblems.  On September 15, the Lodge members and their families gathered at the Masonic Homes for a Special Meeting of the Lodge, to receive W. Scott Stoner, R. W. Grand Master, to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Lodge. Forgoing the tradition of a banquet, entertainment was provided for all family members while the Lodge was in session; then all gathered in Deike Auditorium for a hypnotist show, followed by a lavish hors d’oeuvres reception.

1991 Paul W. Goss, Jr. W. M.

Theme: Masons Who Care Are Involved.   1991 was a busy year. Fifty year pins were awarded to Walter F. Hess and thirteen other members. Roy G. Fornwalt reached his 70th year in Freemasonry. The lodge made many formal Masonic visits to the lodges in the 60th Masonic District. By November, the membership reached 504 up from 486 at the beginning of the year. As a matter of fact, in March there were four (4) extra meetings, in which 15 degrees were conferred. The Past Masters quartet was created and was an instant hit. The quartet presented vocal musical selections at the lodge meetings. The Independent Living Community of the Masonic Homes, were even at this date regular visitors, became active in the lodge work. 1991 was the year of the GULF WAR. Patriotism and yellow ribbons were abundant. The Elizabethtown Loyalty Day Parade is an other success story, Brother George Kanoff, Senior Deacon, organized a handful of dedicated brothers who constructed a float which was driven in the parade by Brother Ronald G. Ammerman, Sr., Pursuivant. The entry captured second place prize in the float competition. The annual pancake breakfast was a resounding success.

1992 David A. Kramer W. M.

The annual pancake breakfast was a success again. Two thousand dollars were donated to the American Red Cross. The donation was a portend of the hurricane disaster that struck the state of Florida later that year, to which the American Red Cross responded. The 78th anniversary banquet was a success. In the setting of the Masonic Homes dining room the staff presented the usual fine dinner. After dinner we we were entertained by Ken Hussar comic and columnist for the Lancaster New Era. Ken Hussar was a high school classmate of the Worshipful Master. The Jobs Daughters and the Order of DeMolay participated in the lodge meetings this year. Membership at the end of the year was 511.

1993 Richard J. Scott W. M.

The annual pancake breakfast in contrast to the previous year, itself was struck by a disaster, “The Blizzard of 93”. It turned out to be the worse snow storm in a long time. However, many faithful patrons turned out and the Masonic Homes maintenance crew made safe passage for the patrons. The lodge was able to donate $400 to the Order of DeMolay, $400 the Job’s Daughters and a $1000 to the Elizabethtown Food Bank. This year again in maintaining the responsibility of freemasonry to it’s youth the Job’s Daughters and the Order of DeMolay presented their programs at the November Meeting. Membership at the end of the year numbered 519.

1994 George Kanoff, W.M.

George Kanoff, W. M. had a “roaring ” start in January. The first meeting of the year had to be canceled because of a “roaring ” snowstorm. But after nature attenuated its ferocity, the theme “The Year of the Mason” shown through the programs which were intended to exemplify the fact that masons can be found everywhere and in all walks of life. Programs included Grand Lodge’s G. K. Hackney making a presentation on the Hiram I program. Bro. Dean Miller of Ashlar Lodge No. 570, appeared as General George Washington, in the appropriate costume, and was greeted by the Worshipful Master and Wardens who also were in costume of the period. The Lodge was candle lit, and provided an inspiring atmosphere for the presentation. In May, Bro. William Grove, band director of Elizabethtown High School, brought the High School stage band to the Deike auditorium to entertain the lodge and guests of the Homes. Bro. Lt. Gen. Robert D. Springer, U. S. A. F., Retired, traveled to the lodge to speak at the September meeting. Bro. Gen. Springer is a graduate of Patton Masonic School for Boys, and was a classmate of the Worshipful Master. Bro. Springer was made a Mason at sight by the then Right Worshipful Grand Master Carl Stenberg in 1987. The annual pancake breakfast netted $6000 for the relief of the B. Good family who’s two preschool children were in poor health. In the tradition of the Lodge, and in support of the Masonic Youth Organizations, Job’s Daughters and the DeMolay were part of the programs in the months of October and November.  There were 520 members on the roll of the Lodge at the end of the year. During the year the officers conferred 40 degrees.

1995 & 1996 Fred R. Kaylor, W.M.

Fred R. Kaylor, W.M. presided over the Lodge for two consecutive years due to the loss of several of his Officers. The Senior Warden needed to move to another part of the state for employment and in his Junior Warden died of a heart attack. Despite these occurrences, his tenure as W.M. proved rewarding for the Lodge. His theme for both years was “Masons Keeping the Promise” and they did just that. Two very successful pancake breakfasts yielded almost $7,000 to benefit 3 children with serious health problems. He rewrote and instituted a formalized Past Masters Service. The Lodge also contributed several thousand dollars to Masonic Charities, which included the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, Masonic Homes, the Stained Glass Window in the Meditation Chapel at the Masonic Health Care Center, the Elizabethtown Chapter Order of DeMolay, and the Order of Job’s Daughters.  Several performances were staged: Bro. John T. Dubbs III presented information on Freemasonry during the Civil War, complete with uniform and complete encampment display. Bro. Wilbur E. Weaver presented himself as Bro. George Washington and the Lodge had a friendly conversation with Bro. George. An elaborate Flag ceremony was held with Bro. Donnie G. Boyer in complete Marine Dress uniform and Bro. Wallace C. Brought (Marine gunnery sergeant retired) leading the Flag procession around the Lodge.  Fred R. Kaylor’s proudest moment as Worshipful Master was when he separately entered, passed, and raised his two sons to become Master Masons. His son Alan in 1995, and his son Scott in 1996.  There were 523 members on the roll of the Lodge at the end of the year 1996. During the two years, the officers conferred 95 degrees.

1997 Robert R. George, P.M., W.M. (also see 1985)

1997 was a very good year for our Lodge. We enjoyed a net increase of 3 members, bringing our total to 524. It was a busy year also, because we Entered 16, Passed 14 and Raised 14 members. In fact, we had so much floor work that we held a Stated meeting and 2 Extra meetings in July and an Extra meeting in August.  In February, our Chapter of Jobs Daughters presented a program and our DeMolay Chapter gave the beautiful “Flower Talk” at our Family night in April. Out annual charity pancake breakfast was very successful in helping a local family out of extreme financial hardship. At our Stated meeting in July, we were entertained by the Masonic Homes Independent Living Community Men’s Chorus. We enjoyed a bus trip to Valley Forge in August for the National Arch Dedication ceremony. In November, we held a Table Lodge, and, at an Extra meeting, received the Right Worshipful Grand Master, Brother Edward O. Weisser.

1998 Walter J. Foltz, P.M., W.M. (also see 1986 & 1989)

Brother Foltz served three terms as Worshipful Master, first in 1986, second in 1989 and last in 1998. His dedication to the Fraternity is an inspiration to all. In 1998, a provision was made and acted upon by the Lodge to set aside money for the charity fund by a change in the by-laws.

1999 David W. Mills, W.M.

Brother Mills worked diligently to support the theme of Right Worshipful Grand Master James L. Ernette: “Faith, Family, Fraternity, Community—A Perfect Match” The Overture Leadership and Management Training Program was implemented and our Lodge officers participated in the seminars. The “Tools of the Craft” Video Masonic Education program was unveiled and provided a modern visual educational program for all members of the Lodge, both new and old. Brother Mills was known for his happy demeanor, infectious smile and earnest desire to make every member feel welcome at the Stated Meetings.

2000 Lewis R. Sellers, Jr., W.M.

Theme: “Strengthen the fraternity through respect, education, fellowship, and charitable works.”  This year found the Lodge in the midst of a large-scale construction and renovation project at the Masonic Homes to create the new Freemasons Cultural Center. Program topics included “Cathedral building,” the “Friend to Friend Memorial” at Gettysburg National Park, “Freemasonry’s Detractors,” European Freemasonry, Volunteerism at the Masonic Homes, the History of the Computer, and others.  The Junior Grand Warden of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pa., Brother Earl C. Abrams, visited a tiled meeting of our Lodge and, for the first time in our fraternal history, a contingent of our members visited Paxton Lodge No.16, Prince Hall Affiliation, in Steelton.  Other points of note for the year include the re-establishment of the “Education Committee” to aid our new Brethren in learning about the Craft, the donation of an Automated External Defibrillator and $4214 in funds to Northwest EMS, and the donation of $2500 to help build a pavilion at Masonic Home’s Sugar Run Children’s Camp. The Lodge also held its’ annual Pancake breakfast for the benefit of Shawn Looks which served over 1430 people, grossing over $10,000, the highest amount ever for this event.  13 members Entered. 4 members suspended. 3 members affiliated. 13 members died. Total number of members closed at 536.

2001 Ivan P. Arnold, W.M.

wm2001.gif (28182 bytes) 2001 was a very busy year for the officers. Along with normal business of the lodge, the officers conferred more than 60 degrees. Every officer except the Tyler and Chaplain conferred at least one degree during the year. A committee was set up with a representative from each group meeting at the Masonic Homes Campus and a calendar was created so that each group could share their schedules to avoid activity conflicts. Brother Fred Kaylor, PM set up that calendar.  The pancake breakfast was held for the first time in the Brossman Ballroom at the new Freemasons Cultural Center with over 1400 attending, and many brethren lending a hand to make it a great success.  A summer picnic was held in August just outside the Lodge room with several Elizabethtown Masonic groups represented. More than 100 were in attendance.  During the Thanksgiving Holiday season, a pie sale was used to help replenish the Charity Fund. It was a great success. Over 1,200 mincemeat, pumpkin, apple and cherry pies were made by the brethren and wives in the Grand Lodge Hall bakery at the Masonic Homes. Ladies Night was held at the Gathering Place with great food and entertainment from Bobbie and Ron, who played hand bells.

2002 Edward A. Dawson, W.M.

The Lodge had a drive to help the Elizabethown EMS in the purchase of a new Ambulance from the proceeds of our annual Lodge Pancake Breakfast and donations. We held a golf tournament to help with the DeMolay and Job’s Daughters. The DeMolay and Job’s Daughters visited the Lodge and performed beautiful ceremonies. Dawson had the honor to confer degrees on several new candidates, one of which was his stepson, Gerald I. Fretwell.

2003 Lawrence R. Ebersole, W.M.

Lawrence R. Ebersole, W.M. served as Worshipful Master at the age of 70 years.  The year was a very busy year, with 18 Extra meetings and the conferring of 49 degrees: 18 EA, 16 FC, and 15 MM.  In addition to the Extra meetings, the Lodge engaged in many more activities. The Charity Committee dispensed around $25,000 to charitable causes. The Pancake breakfast provided much needed help to Erin Ebersole, and by our contributions she has been able to afford a much needed C-leg to aid her to walk and participate in youth activities. The Annual Golf outing supported the Masonic youth of Jobs Daughters and DeMolay as well as the youth of the community. $700 was raised to support Diabetes research. And the Annual Charity Pie Sales provided much needed support to the Charity Committee to support additional charity needs, both within the Masonic Fraternity as well as within the local community. Through the good deeds of the members of this Lodge, we were able to purchase 8 new pancake grills, which made a big difference in the quantity and quality of the pancakes made during the Pancake breakfast.

2004 Dayton L. Holmes, W.M.

The Lodge received the Grand Master’s Achievement Award for our exemplary service to Freemasonry due to our increase in membership in 2004. The achievement represents the dedication and hard work of the Officers, Guides and membership of the Lodge. Brother Holmes counted it a privilege and a very special experience to be in the east for the presentation of Bro. Noble P. Johnson, Past Master, as District Deputy Grand Master. The Lodge continued to prosper as an important part of the community and Fraternity.

2005 Francis W. Vuxta, W.M.

The Lodge was honored by a visit from William Slater, II, Right Worshipful Grand Master, for having the most candidates (over 100) at the first every one-day Man-to-Mason Class in 2004. A “Rusty Mason” night was held to remind the members about some of our Masonic traditions and customs. The Lodge contributed $1500 to victims of Hurricane Katrina. For the second year, we entered a car in the Grand Lodge Mini Grand Prix held at the Masonic Village. The Lodge contributed $4700 to the Masonic Village to purchase a double-stack oven for the Brossman Kitchen.

2006 Brent D. Richards, W.M.

Youth, Charity and Service were the watchwords of Brother Richards’ term as Worshipful Master. Great emphasis was placed on the value of the Masonic Youth because Bro. Richards served as State Master Councilor of PA DeMolay in 1987-1988. The Lodge met twice in the summer and the PA DeMolay Masonic Degree Team conferred the Master Mason Degree in August. The proceeds of the annual Pancake Breakfast were presented to the Northwest Emergency Medical Services. The Lodge contributed $5000 to the Grand Lodge to preserve the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. Unique programs included a Murder Mystery Meeting, and a Therapy Dog Display with an obstacle course set up on the floor of the Lodge room.

2007 Gerald I. Fretwell, W.M.

Brother Fretwell instituted Degree work for the residents of the Masonic Healthcare Center who were unable to attend meetings in the Lodge Room due to physical or mental incapacities. With special dispensation, the Lodge was able to perform degree work for these Brethren in the Assembly Room. On another occasion, the Officers performed a degree within the Lodge as in colonial times and dressed accordingly, with the help of Millersville University Theatre. There was an open ceremony for the election of Officers so that friends, family and prospective members could witness our ceremony.

2008 Lawrence R. Ebersole, PM, W.M. (also see 2003)

In Bro. Ebersole’s second term, he, as remembered by his brethren, “Brought the Lodge forward.“ One brother wrote “who ever would have dreamed or thought about this type of turn around, well you did just that and while you were at it, you established a solid team of Officers.” In addition, the Lodge held degrees in Roosevent for the elders that could not make it to the Lodge and with the help of the brethren, they raised $5,000 for the GEARS Kid’s Center for playground equipment.

2009 H. Eugene Geib, W.M.

2009 was Bro. Geib’s first year serving as Worshipful Master of Abraham C. Treichler Lodge, No. 682. He notes that the experience of being a Master was very surprising and a year he will never forget. The Past Masters, Officers and Members of the Lodge helped make his year very productive and helped lead the Lodge in new, exciting directions.

2010 Daniel G. Carlisle, W.M.

Bro. Carlisle was a master at acquiring donated supplies for the Pancake and Holiday Breakfasts, to minimize costs and maximize monies raised for our charity projects. In 2010, the Lodge gave over $1500 to the Help For Our Heroes Campaign to support our overseas troops. Additionally the Lodge gave $3000 to the Children’s Home to light the playground, $500 to the Masonic Villages Channel 18 TV group, $1200 to help pay the annual DeMolay liability insurance, $3000 for a camera for the Health Care Center, $1500 to purchase food cards for families in need, $1000 for Christmas Gift cards for the youth at the Children’s Home, and also managed to set aside $5000 for the future 100th Anniversary Celebration.

2011 Gerald J. Miller, W.M.

Bro. Miller was noted as being a forward thinker and the youngest Worshipful Master of the Lodge to date. Bro. Miller held successful breakfasts and activities, and was a voice of reason on various issues that arose during his term of office. Bro. Miller made great suggestions for the betterment of the Lodge, with the Lodge and members in mind through every thought and action while presiding as Worshipful Master.

2012 Dennis D. O’Connor, W.M.

The Lodge had their first ever car truck and motorcycle show, which was well received and enjoyed by those who attended. Among many other exciting events in 2012, the Lodge also conferred several degrees across Central Pennsylvania, held their annual Pancake Breakfast and honored R.W.G.M., Jay W. Smith at their annual banquet. The year was filled with Patriotism and Brotherhood through the programs that were held.

2013 David T. Sekely, W.M.

2013 began the first steps in our celebration of Lodge’s 100th Anniversary celebration. The ground work was laid by Bro. Dennis D. O’Connor, PM in 2012. The Lodge presented a $25,000 gift, through to the Right Worshipful Grand Master, to the Masonic Children’s Home. This was a first step of many to help celebrate 100 years. As the Lodge celebrate our 100th anniversary, Bro. Sekely is looking forward to what the next 100 years may accomplish not only in the Lodge, but Freemasonry as a whole.

2014 Stephen E. Poff, W.M.

The Lodge received a Bible that was originally owned by Dr. Abraham C. Treichler from his great grand-daughter. They also received Bro. Robert J. Bateman, Right Worshipful Grand Master of Pennsylvania for the purpose of honoring Bro. Noble P. Johnson for his service and dedication to the fraternity. The Lodge initiated a 100-year-old candidate into the fraternity, breaking the record for the Lodge’s oldest petitioner. The Lodge purchased a paver to adorn the eternal flame at the Veteran’s Grove located within the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, PA.

2015 H. Eugene Geib, W.M.

2015 marked the 100th Anniversary of the Lodge. To celebrate, $100,000 was donated to local charities, including the Masonic Villages and the Elizabethtown Area School District. Banners were placed around the Masonic Villages and Lodge to recognize the historic anniversary. A large 100th Anniversary banquet was held in the Brossman Ballroom at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, where Bro. Robert J. Bateman, Right Worshipful Grand Master, spoke to mark the occasion.

2016 Seth C. Anthony, W.M.

With 100 years of service behind them, the Brothers of the Lodge did not sit on their laurels when starting their second century. During 2016, the Lodge sponsored the inaugural First Masonic District Car Show, held at the Masonic Villages. The tradition of pancake and holiday breakfasts also continued, further enabling the Lodge to provide generous charitable donations. With the Lodge in good financial shape, the Brothers voted to deposit an additional $10,000 into the Lodge 682 Scholarship fund, increasing its principal in hopes of giving larger scholarships in years to come.

Masonic Education was a hallmark of Bro. Anthony’s term as Worshipful Master, with each meeting having a presentation on a Masonic topic. “Uncle Abe’s Little Masonic Library” was established, using a newspaper machine just outside of the Lodge room, enabling members to borrow books on a regular basis. Bro. Anthony also reinstituted the position of Librarian, appointing Bro. Michael Moran to that post. Presentations were made to the Elizabethtown Area Historical Society on the history of the Lodge; Bro. Jean-Paul Benowitz, of Elizabethtown College, presented a history of Freemasonry in Elizabethtown to the members at the January meeting.

The year culminated with the annual banquet in November. Bro. Mark A. Tabbert, Director of Collections for the George Washington National Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA, headlined the event, providing a history of George Washington as a Freemason. Thanks to the generosity of the Brothers of the Lodge, Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 was the first Lodge in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to become a member of the “Society of Washington Lodges” by making a sizeable donation towards the perpetuity of the Memorial. The Lodge’s name now appears on the bronze plaque near the replica Lodge room at the monument.